What to expect of Vampire Facial?

The vampire facial, also known as a PRP facial, has been the hottest cosmetics craze ever since Kim Kardashian underwent the procedure in 2013. It has since become a must have facial treatment for people looking for fresh-faced natural skin.

While a vampire facial might sound and look scary, it’s actually a simple and straightforward procedure.

Vampire Facial

A small amount of blood is taken and spun in a centrifugal machine to separate out the plasma that is rich in rejuvenating platelets. This wonder plasma is then applied to the skin with a medical micro needling device.

The plasma triggers a healing response, promoting collagen production and leaving skin looking rejuvenated, smoother and more even textured.

Is it safe?

After the treatment, you may experience some redness but this will go in a couple of days. Most clients should expect to see the results within weeks, but some may require more than one treatment.

When performed correctly by qualified professionals the treatment is 100% safe.

The procedure is commonly used in a wide range of settings. For example to aid post surgical healing, sports injuries and even hair replacement. A PRP facial uses the same regenerative properties of your blood cells as these medical treatments to stimulate collagen production.

As a doctor-led clinic, Prima Face Aesthetics offers the highest quality of service and care. Dr. Razi and Dr. Bonelli have a combined 20+ years of experience working in the NHS and are experienced in providing a wide range of treatments.


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