All about Collagen Elixir 

What is it? Why our doctors recommend taking collagen supplements?

It is a protein that is found on the skin, muscle, bones and connective tissue.  Yes… as simple as that, the problem is that as we age our body collagen production declines. There are as well other factors affecting our collagen levels such as smoking, alcohol and sun exposure.

This reduction in collagen causes less elasticity in our skin leading to sagginess and fine lines.



Benefits of taking Marine Collagen

Taking care of your skin starts with your habits. Taking supplements like marine collagen helps nourishes your skin from inside out.

Studies have shown skin improvement with a special focus on the reduction of fine lines leading to an overall more hydrated skin.

Marine Collagen is also fabulous for your hair and nails. It basically acts as an anti-oxidant and prevents hair damage while also giving hair follicles strength to grow healthy glowy hair.

What is so special about our Collagen Elixir?

It contains a magical mix! Not only 5g of the most pure marine collagen but also Vit C to support your natural production as well as biotin, zinc and an ancient botanical blend of Calming chamomile, hydrating aloe vera and nourishing goji.
As a bonus this magical mix does not contain added sugar and takes its sweet savour from wild berries.


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